The Chairman’s Circle is an important business alliance between Auburndale’s Chamber of Commerce and key corporate leaders in the community. The Chairman’s Circle participants and the Chamber work jointly to enhance economic development and business relationships in the greater Auburndale areas, while promoting and recognizing Chairman’s Circle members as outstanding community citizens. Working as a team, the Chairman’s Circle participants and the Auburndale Chamber of Commerce help to improve the programs and services that will benefit not only Chamber members and their businesses, but the entire area and its citizens as well. Building strong businesses and ensuring a prosperous climate in the greater Auburndale area is the goal of the Chairman’s Circle.

Through the Chairman’s Circle program, participants are given marketing opportunities that promote their business and leadership to Chamber members and other businesses in the county.

Chairman’s Circle particpants are leaders in the business community. They help set the standard for quality services offered by the Auburndale Chamber of Commerce and help improve the business climate which will ultimately effect the economic success of our area in the long run.

The Auburndale Chamber of Commerce and the Chairman’s Circle, making a difference!  Contact the Auburndale Chamber to find out how you can be a part of the circle!